Best Executive Coaching Certification 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you hunting for the best executive coaching certifications in your surrounding? Or want to get an on-budget executive coaching certification?

Executive coaching is an impactful profession where you can make your career. And now, more than ever, the corporate world is demanding influential leaders. Here’s a list of the best executive coaching certifications for 2024:

1. Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership


IECL (The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership) is best-known as an Accredited Coach Training Program. The best part us IECL is available online through Zoom and affordable.

IECL is available for bachelor’s and higher degree students. The price for this course is $1,000 to $4,000.

Also, you will get an opportunity to attend the virtual webinar events. Here you can learn from experts and ask your queries.

With access to alumni, resources, and practice communities, you will benefit from coaching from IECL. As a student, you will get a chance to take part companion group of co-learners by giving feedback from online discussions. 


  • Online offered, ACTP-accredited instructor-led courses
  • A study from any part of the globe
  • Availability of fast-track program


  • A Bachelors Degree is a must
  • Marketed to the region of Asia-Pacific
  • Their onsite events are Australia based 

Visit IECL here

2. Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance

With a variety of ICF coach certification programs, Coach Training Alliance is the best. Here you will find workshops that will prepare you to groups and coach individuals, publish your first book, or begin your executive coaching business.

Pursuing the Advanced Executive Coach Certification develops the students for ICF certification. One can get a free assessment to find if you have the qualities it takes to become the best executive coach.

The price of Coach Training Alliance is approx $3,500 for one of 6-month executive coaching workshops:

  • Advanced Executive Coach Certification
  • Executive Coaching Workshop
  • Executive Coach Master Class

Additionally, the Coach Training Alliance also provides free workshops, like, a coaching workshop to know further related to the program before the enrollment processing. Also, it gives you access to the Certified Coach Program.

Participants present citing solid instructors, a great learning environment, and rave evaluations.


  • It comprises business-building features for people wishing to launch their personal firm.
  • You will get weekly mentoring and calls in an Instructor-led telecourse within a six-month time.
  • The best ACTP-accredited training matches ICF standards of certification. 


  • You need to hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Participants can’t sign up for self-paced but for a fixed course timeframe.
  • There is no availability of onsite networking sessions; the course is online.

Visit Coach Training Alliance here

3. College of Executive Coaching

The College of Executive Coaching

This is the best college for senior, educated, and experienced professionals and organizations or business owners. The College of Executive Coaching is best known for offering a fast-track way to add the ICF’s BCC or PCC credential to your existing certifications or Degree.

This college supports post-graduate students. It will help you get their Board Certified Coach (BCC) or ICF Professional Coach Certification (PCC) with various choices. It involves a two-week online program, multiple virtual course offerings, and an intensive short course.

But the certification program is a little expensive, price of just over $10,000. You can pay this in a minimum of two installments. When you register early and pay in full, you can get a discount of $1,600.

The College of Executive Coaching focuses on high-quality content and ethical standards taught by instructors of the Ph.D. level. Its online reviews are positive and provide a great learning experience. This college was opened in the year 1999. 


  • Assist professionals from various sectors, such as internal coaching, psychology, healthcare, and many more.
  • Experienced and skilled faculties provide live workshops.
  • You will get value-added certifications like Strengths and Supervision and EQ Certifications. 


  • This is more expensive than other programs or courses.
  • It needs higher education at the bachelor’s and post-graduation levels.

Visit the college of executive coaching here

4.  The Academies Inc.

The Academies Inc

Academies Inc. is the most preferred low-cost choice. It is famous because of its small classroom size, online program, and affordability. You can complete this course in eight to twelve weeks.

Students can get access to the class on zoom call; which is for two hours once a week (depending on the instructor’s availability).

The Academies offer courses ranging in cost from $1,500 to $3,000. You can pay the entire fee in installments also. But, first, you have to click the link of enrolling in the lecture, and then only you can see either the schedule or price.

You will have a coach search portal where customers can get you once complete your certification and training.

Its Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach training provides an exclusive certificate and serves as 30 hours to an ICF certified coach label.

U.S based institute The Academies was opened by Britton, an author of seven career books, and also an ICF-certified Professional Certified Coach (CCC). It provides a Brain-Friendly Coach Certification program and Career Management Coach Certification.

The student rate in this institute is very high. Too many of the online testimonials attest to the leadership of the CEO further to the quality of the executive coaching training programs, commenting on the strong tools, worldwide focus, and customized approach.


  • You can complete the online program using Zoom within a few hours of a week.
  • You can get an executive coaching display certificate for $1,500 price.
  • There is a special one-on-one online training available (if you can’t attend scheduled sessions).


  • You need more than a single course to get ICF prerequisites for PCC, MCC, or ACC.
  • They offer live classes for only two hours a week, and the time and day are fixed.
  • Online reviews are inconsistent and scarce.

Visit The Academics Inc. here

5. Co-Active Training Institute

Co-Active Training Institute

This very famous Co-Active Training Institute is a little bit expensive because of the required academic coursework and practice needed. However, it is less expensive than giving four or six years at a college or university.

When you haven’t done your college and start from starting, you will appreciate personalized feedback and one-on-one certification with a Co-Active Training Institute’s offered professional network.

Those advantages may explain the prices varying from $6,900 to over $12,000. A student can complete the program while managing her business or working in a coaching business.

Co-Active Training Institute needs you to operate with a trained coach by their company or MCC or a PCC approved by ICF. When you pay for that one hour/per month of coaching, then it will increase the overall costs. College credits are possible for students who wish to join executive coaching to a present degree program.

Co-Active Training Institute gets lower client ratings than the different executive coaching programs pitched above; but, if you require a college degree, it is one of the several ICF-certified executive coaching programs possible to you.


  • Only four months are needed to complete executive coach training.
  • The virtual training is provided in weekly sessions.
  • All the content of the program content is certified by the ICF.


  • A 25-week commitment is needed for a full certification program.
  • It is a very expensive executive coach certification degree.
  • You can access live classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Visit Co-Active Training Institute here

6. Center for Executive Coaching

Center for Executive Coaching

Center for Executive Coaching provides a flexible learning choice available to professionals despite where they work or live.

It is known as the best executive coaching institute for working professionals. It doesn’t matter where you live or work; you can earn your coaching certificate—students who have a post-graduate degree, which can fast-track their ICF label.

But, the requirements are flexible based on your personal/work-life experience. And also, a previous degree is not at all compulsory.

On the basis of the training format you prefer, you’ll pay between $5,000 and $7,500 for the special coach training program. However, you will get the Center for Executive Coaching proprietary systems, like The Leadership Dashboard and KPIs, in interest to content needed to accomplish ICF certification.

If you check online reviews for the Center for Executive Coaching, they are great and top-notch. Even on industry sites like SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management), where members rate it extremely, promoting the certification practice and prep and the professional tutors.

When you enroll, you’ll get access to a member section with a just-in-time library, including a type of leadership and executive assessment tools to practice in your coaching work.


  • You can complete the course within two or five months.
  • They provide weekly webinars, and also you can see recorded webinar content.
  • With a proprietary textbook, distant learning is available.


  • ICF designation needed participation in supervised coaching and the live webinars.
  • A bit more costly than other institutes.

Visit the Center for Executive Coaching here

Comparison: Reviews and Price

The executive coach performs the role of a change agent in the industry by engaging in a personalized leadership development model. The contracting of an executive describes an important investment for a company or an organization. So choose the right institute for getting trained. Let’s compare the above-listed institutes to each other.

1. Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership       

Best Overall.

The cost is $1,000 to $4,000, and the time frame is self-paced.

2. Coach Training Alliance        

Overall good.

The cost is $3,500, and the time frame is six months.

3. College of Executive Coaching          

It is the best college for Graduates.

The cost is $10,000, and the time frame is three days to four months

4. The Academies Inc.  

It is the top-rated low-cost choice available.

The cost is $1,500 to $3,000, and the time frame is two to three months.

5. Co-Active Training Institute  

This is great for non-degreed Coaches 

The cost is $6,900  to $12,000, and the time required is from four to six months.

6. Center for Executive Coaching        

It is a most recommended program for working professionals 

The price is $5,000 to $7,500, and the time is two to five months.


The above-listed executive coaching certifications are the review of the topmost institutes and colleges. All these programs are available online, and something is out there for every individual.

To help you in choosing, we have narrowed the options a bit to make a list of the best. These are the top, intensive, and advanced learning platforms.

For the trust, we have pointed out the pros and cons of each institute. We have examined real student reviews and applicable accreditations and listed them.

The quality and prices of executive coaching certification programs are different. A few need you to start after a master’s degree, and few are accepting anyone with interest and experience. Make sure to select a program that is compatible with your educational qualifications.

As you know, the life coaching sector is not regulated by any governing agency, so please don’t rush for any certification programs that don’t have ICF accreditation. This guide will help you in your research to determine the best suitable executive coaching certification programs.

Pick a program that follows the accreditation provisions of a coaching organization assisting your geographic region.


Here are some of the most common questions about executive coaching certifications.

What is executive coaching certification?

Executive coaching certification allows you to become a responsible, long-term vision implementer and manage large global teams of people with varying perspectives, backgrounds, and approaches.

The effects of executive coaching have increased from an individual client to the entire company.

Many companies or organizations demand executive coaches to help their employees grow businesses and maximize their value in the market.

Why is executive coaching important?

Executive coaching is essential due to the failure of CEOs and other executives sometimes. Many organizations are hiring executive coaching experts. In simple terms, executive coaching is an insurance policy on a new, high-profile hire. Executive coaches can make something unique in a business. They are affordable and spend a great time understanding the clients.

Executive coaches assist their customers or clients in navigating job hurdles, learning from their mistakes, and making great decisions. 

The truth is anyone can claim to be the best coach, but it would not help you to build a client base. For impressing clients, you need the skills and experiences. In this article, you will know the reviews on the best executive coaching certifications. 

Now, let’s hop on to the reviews and pricing of the best executive coaching certifications programs in 2021

What are the skills taught in executive coaching certification programs?

Rather than the course plan, the executive coaching certification program teaches soft skills to students.

Every program comprises skills like:

  • Communicate precise requirements/instructions
  • Capability to operate in ways that benefit everyone succeeds
  • Enter one mindset at sustain and will the mindset
  • Learn how choices influence the larger outcome
  • Apply creativity to accomplish goals

In a short period executive coaching certification program, the foremost skills are:

  • Professional confidence
  • Understanding
  • Powerful communication skills
  • Leadership behavior

How much can I earn after the completion of executive coaching certification?

For mid-level management, you can earn between $200 and $400 per hour.

You can earn between $300 to $500 per hour as an upper-level executive at your organization or company.

For an executive coach in the United States, the average salary is approx $98,264. And the average salary varies from $81.58 (Agile Coach) to  $15.96 (Career Coach) per hour.

The range of executive coach salaries is too large. They work with leaders like CMOs, and CEOs. Most coaches’ salary starts at $150, and it can extend to $350. Also, as the executive coach, you can charge $1,000 for a session. Coaches provide strategic sound-boarding, life coaching, and other assistance. 

How can I become an executive coach?

  • It’s not as hard as breaking a mountain; you can become a great executive coach.
  • Do some research on deciding whether a career in coaching is the right choice for you.
  • Get admission to a certified and suitable executive coaching certification program.
  • To become certified as a professional executive coach, you need to evaluate your proficiency in many areas. Coaching certification will serve as the main stepping stone on the entire journey of becoming an Executive Coach.
  • Learn from your mentor and work with them as an intern.
  • You have to market yourself in the industry as a fitted employee based on the certification, experience, and training you’ve obtained.

What is the cost of certification for an executive coaching career?

This is the biggest question on everyone’s mind, How much do I need to invest in this program. It’s an understandable and common inquiry.

Remember, certification is nothing if you don’t have any knowledge and tools.

Coach training programs are different in cost, with unaccredited programs beginning as low as $2,000 to $3,000 and authorized programs ranging from $5,000 and $14,000 or more.

Does the industry immerse executive coaches?

Believe it; executive coaching is a growing sector.

Now, you might be thinking that how will you or your brand name notice? As the competition is getting more challenging, so you need to stand out from the crowd.

An average income for life coaches varies from $27,100 – $73,100. And specialty coaches might range approx $100,000 every year.

If you want to become an executive coach, then a bachelor’s degree and business or corporate experience can support you.

Executive coach certification develops in your industry experience and assures your employer, clients, and education that you control the training and skills they need.