Top 10 Expert Freelance Ghostwriters to Hire in 2024

Charles Daly
Freelance ghostwriter
United States
Charles Daly is a seasoned writer with 9+ years of experience in creating impactful, no-fluff long-form content, editing bestsellers, and crafting persuasive white papers for B2B clients.
book coach
developmental editor
Dee Primett
England, United Kingdom
Dee Primett crafts compelling content that captivates your audience and have over 8 years of experience. Expert in websites, blogs, and diverse copywriting. , tech, and data specialist.
data specialist
diverse copywriting
Mansidak Kaur
Ontario, Canada
Mansidak Kaur is a creative and engaging freelance content writer with experience across educational, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and digital marketing niches, specializing in articles, blogs, ghostwriting, magazine articles, book reviews, essays,
Freelance Content Writer
Digital Content Writer
Gillian Jones
Wales, United Kingdom
Gillian Jones is a UK freelance copywriter, 10+ years of experience. She is specialized in web copy, brand stories, and content, craft a compelling narrative that resonates.
content writing
Freelance Copywriter
web copy
Kristi Van Winkle, RN, BSN, LNC
Arizona, United States
Kristi Van Winkle, RN, BSN, LNC, is a U.S.-based freelance and legal Writer. 15+ years of RN experience. She can craft impactful and legal content.
Freelance Nurse Writer
Legal Nurse Writer
Health Content Writer
Trish Lechman
England, United Kingdom
Trish Lechman is a UK-based Freelance Marketing Manager specializing in Founder Branding. 8 years of B2B experience. She can elevate your brand with strategic clarity and compelling content.
Freelance Marketing Manager
Jackson Kelly
England, United Kingdom
Jackson Kelly is a seasoned UK-based freelance copywriter with 13+ years of experience. Specializes in driving higher leads and conversions through SEO-optimized content writing.
freelance copywriter
Freelance B2B SaaS
Technology Copywriter
Jennifer R. Povey
Virginia, United States
Jennifer R. Povey is a US-based freelance writer and editor with 14+ years of experience. Specializes in content marketing. Expert in fiction editing, proofreading, and tabletop RPG writing.
Freelance writing
Content marketing
Obadahunsi Ayomide
United Kingdom
Obadahunsi Ayomide is an iGaming Writer, Copywriter, and SEO expert. He has 2 years of experience creating high-converting content and a proven track record in managing teams.
iGaming Writer
Senior Content Writer
Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya
Amy Ogbonnaya is a ghostwriter and senior content writer with over 6 years of experience crafting engaging blogs that enhance customer engagement. Expert in SEO optimization for increased visibility.
Senior Content Writer

How to Interview and Hire Ghost Writers

Selecting a top-tier ghost writer is a strategic decision that can transform your vision into a powerful narrative, whether for a nonfiction book, thought leadership pieces, or dynamic marketing content. The right ghost writer brings more than just writing prowess; they ensure professionalism through revisions and a deep commitment to aligning with your brand's message.
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DevTeamSpace team is proactive, drawing on operating experience to understand not only your vision but also its purpose; they are skilled, making the right judgment calls and iterating quickly; and they get customer service, providing honest counsel on cost-benefit and real-time process transparency. I highly recommend DTS and look forward to working with them again!
Jonathon Nostrant
Hardware Startup
We're a hardware company and have to have top experts across all fields related to IoT. DevTeam.Space's approach was extremely appealing to us – they were able to connect expert-level dev teams for our AWS server, mobile applications, and firmware within days. Having these teams following the same structured process and supported by the AI-powered system allowed us to progress much faster. If you're looking for high-end dev resources try DevTeam.Space!
Nic Poulos
Bowery Capital
DevTeam.Space has been a great support to us. We needed help with frontend specific projects for a big release. They came on board, with almost no time taken in ramping up with our code base, and were able to deliver on time! For fast, effective service, contact DevTeam.Space.
Rahul Thathoo

How WriterHire Works


1. Define Your Writing Needs

Submit your project or hiring details. A specialized account manager will meticulously review them to grasp your specifications.

2. Connect With Matched Ghost Writers

Based on your unique criteria, we'll seamlessly connect you with suited ghostwriters, granting you the opportunity for a one-on-one discussion.

3. Begin Your Project With Confidence

After you've spoken to and chosen your preferred writer, embark on your project with confidence, knowing you've secured top-tier talent tailored to your needs.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Josh Fechter
Founder | Writer

Selecting a top-tier ghostwriter is a strategic decision that can transform your vision into a powerful narrative, whether for a nonfiction book, thought leadership pieces, or dynamic marketing content. The right ghost writer brings more than just writing prowess; they ensure professionalism through revisions and a deep commitment to aligning with your brand’s message. By engaging a ghostwriting service that rigorously vets its writers, you gain not just a behind-the-scenes scribe but a front-line ally in engaging your audience, building trust, and amplifying your voice. The act of hiring a ghostwriter, a practice both legal and prevalent in today’s content-driven landscape, is a step toward securing a partnership that can articulate and enhance your vision, ensuring your message resonates profoundly with readers.

1. Understanding the Role of a Ghost Writer

Understanding the multifaceted role of a ghost writer is essential for those looking to hire someone who can accurately translate their thoughts and ideas into impactful written content. Let’s delve into the various aspects that define a ghost writer’s contribution to your project.

1.1. More Than Just Writing

Ghostwriting transcends the act of writing; it requires an immersive process of understanding and channeling a client’s voice, tone, and vision into the written word. A ghost writer must be adept at interpreting and translating a client’s ideas, often unstructured or conveyed in conversation, into coherent and engaging content that resonates with the intended audience. It’s about capturing the essence of a message and crafting narratives that feel authentic to the client’s personal or brand identity.

1.2. The Art of Anonymity

The ghost writer’s craft is unique in that the credit for their work is not theirs to claim. Their success is measured by their invisibility, their ability to shine the spotlight on the client’s profile, not their own. This self-effacing role is central to ghostwriting—it’s about empowering the client’s voice, not eclipsing it. The skill lies in a writer’s ability to suppress their own style in favor of the client’s, ensuring that the final product is indistinguishably aligned with the client’s persona and public image.

1.3. Adapting to Varied Genres and Styles

A skilled ghost writer is a chameleon, with the versatility to navigate and adapt to a spectrum of genres and styles. From the reflective prose of memoirs to the data-driven narratives of business books, and from the inspirational tone of self-help guides to the imaginative realms of fiction, ghost writers must tailor their approach to suit the specific demands of the project at hand. This flexibility is crucial; it allows them to effectively address the expectations of different readerships and the conventions of various literary forms.

1.4. Collaboration is Key

At the heart of ghostwriting is the relationship between the ghostwriter and the client—a partnership built on trust and mutual understanding. Collaboration is essential, as it ensures that the content is not only high-quality but also a true reflection of the client’s intentions. A ghost writer must be an attentive listener, a perceptive interpreter of feedback, and a clear communicator, qualities that allow them to align closely with the client’s objectives and iterate their work until it perfectly conveys the client’s intended message.

2. Key Qualities to Look for in a Ghostwriter

Identifying the best ghostwriters for your project is a nuanced process that involves evaluating a spectrum of skills beyond mere writing ability. These professionals not only need to enjoy writing but must also navigate the intricacies of ghostwriting services with expertise. When hiring a ghostwriter, especially for a nonfiction book, you want someone who can deliver ghostwritten content that resonates with your voice and vision. It’s crucial to spend time vetting candidates thoroughly during the hiring process, ensuring they offer free revisions and a willingness to refine their work until it aligns perfectly with your expectations.

2.1. Strong Writing and Storytelling Skills

The cornerstone of ghostwriting is the ability to produce text that is not only grammatically sound and stylistically polished but also compelling and engaging. A ghost writer must have a command over language that allows them to craft narratives that captivate and retain the reader’s interest, regardless of the subject matter. Their storytelling prowess is what transforms basic information into a narrative that readers feel compelled to follow, resonating with them on an emotional level.

2.2. Exceptional Research Skills

To write authoritatively on any subject, a ghost writer must be an adept researcher, capable of delving into new topics quickly and efficiently. They need to be able to understand and convey complex concepts with accuracy and confidence. This skill ensures that the content is not only informative but also credible, fostering trust between the client and their audience.

2.3. Discretion and Professionalism

Ghostwriting is built on a foundation of trust, largely due to the confidential nature of the relationship between the ghostwriter and the client. A ghostwriter must maintain the highest levels of discretion, respecting the privacy of their clients and the proprietary nature of the content they produce. Professionalism in this regard is non-negotiable; it is what allows clients to share their insights, experiences, and expert knowledge without reservation.

2.4. Strong Collaborative Skills

While the act of writing may be solitary, the process of ghostwriting is inherently collaborative. A ghostwriter must possess the interpersonal skills necessary to build a strong working relationship with their client. Effective communication is critical, enabling the ghost writer to accurately capture the client’s vision and make revisions based on their feedback. The ability to listen, interpret, and incorporate the client’s input is crucial for the success of the project.

2.5. Adaptability to Client’s Voice

One of the most defining abilities of a ghost writer is to mirror the client’s voice so seamlessly that the text appears to come directly from the client themselves. This requires a high level of adaptability and a keen ear for linguistic nuances. The ghost writer must be able to adjust their writing style to align with the client’s personality, industry vernacular, and the message’s intent, ensuring the final product is indistinguishable from what the client would have written themselves.

3. Navigating the Ghostwriter Hiring Process

The traditional ghostwriter hiring process involves crafting a job description, reviewing applications and portfolios, and interviewing the candidates. WriterHire streamlines this process by filtering the candidates based on your requirements and taking you straight into the interviews. 

3.1. Start with a Detailed Project Description

A clear and detailed project description is the first step in finding a ghostwriter aligned with your needs. This brief should outline the scope of the project, the intended tone and voice, the target audience, and any specific requirements or expectations. It should also encompass the project’s timeline and any relevant background information. A well-crafted project description not only sets clear expectations but also attracts ghost writers who are confident they can meet those expectations. With WriterHire, all you need to do is fill out a quick form, telling the team what you are looking for.

3.2. Skill Assessment Tasks

Assessing a ghost writer’s fit for your project can be effectively done through skill assessment tasks. Consider providing a brief writing prompt related to your project or asking for a synopsis of a proposed chapter. These tasks should be designed to evaluate the ghost writer’s ability to adopt the required tone and style, as well as their capacity to construct a narrative that aligns with your vision.

3.3. Review their Portfolio

A ghost writer’s portfolio is a window into their range and quality of work. Request samples that showcase their versatility and the variety of subjects they’ve tackled. Scrutinize these samples for consistency in quality, the ability to convey complex information accessibly, and the finesse with which they match the writing style to the content’s purpose.

3.4. Ask Scenario-Based Questions

During the interview process, pose scenario-based questions that reflect common situations in ghostwriting. Inquire how they would handle receiving incomplete information from a client or what their approach would be if asked to write on a topic outside their expertise. Such questions can reveal much about their problem-solving abilities and how they would manage potential challenges during your collaboration.

3.5. Evaluate their Understanding of the Subject Matter

Ensure that the ghostwriter has a firm grasp of the subject matter they will be writing about. Discuss the topics at length and gauge their comfort level with the material. A ghost writer doesn’t need to be a subject matter expert from the start, but they should demonstrate the capacity to quickly absorb and understand the content area, ensuring authenticity and authority in their writing.

As you navigate this process, platforms like WriterHire can streamline the search by connecting you with ghost writers whose expertise and writing style have been pre-vetted, fitting your project’s specific needs and ensuring a proficient match without the guesswork.

4. Evaluating a Ghostwriter’s Portfolio

When evaluating a ghost writer’s portfolio, it’s crucial to assess the range and depth of their previous work. Look for a variety of topics and styles that demonstrate the ghost writer’s ability to handle the breadth of content you require. The presence of multiple genres—be it business, autobiography, or creative writing—indicates flexibility and experience, which are key to tailoring content to your project’s needs.

Relevance to your project is paramount. As you peruse their past work, consider how the subjects align with your industry and the message you wish to convey. A ghost writer with experience in your field can more effectively translate industry-specific jargon into layman’s terms and bring a depth of understanding to the project that will resonate with your audience.

Adaptability in voice and style is another critical component of a ghost writer’s skill set. Their portfolio should not only showcase their writing proficiency but also their ability to write in different voices. Whether it’s capturing the precise tone of a thought leader or the conversational style of a lifestyle coach, the ghost writer must be able to provide a seamless transition from their own voice to the authentic voice of the client.

Evaluate the ghost writer’s portfolio for consistency in quality and the ability to convey complex ideas simply and engagingly. The content should be engaging, well-structured, and polished, with a clear narrative through-line. This attention to detail and narrative craft is what will elevate your content and ensure that your project’s goals are met with the finesse and professionalism you require.

5. Soft Skills and Cultural Fit: The Understated Essentials

Soft skills and cultural fit are often the unspoken threads that weave through the tapestry of ghostwriting success. They’re the traits that enable a ghost writer to truly connect with a project, delivering more than just words on a page. Let’s delve into the essential non-technical attributes that a ghostwriter must bring to the table.

5.1. Communication Skills

Effective communication is the bedrock of a successful ghostwriting partnership. A ghost writer must be proficient in articulating ideas and concepts clearly and must also excel in active listening to fully capture the client’s vision. Open dialogue throughout the project ensures that the ghost writer remains aligned with the client’s objectives and can make necessary adjustments. This two-way communication streamlines the writing process and reinforces the collaborative nature of the partnership.

5.2. Empathy for the Audience

A ghost writer must possess a keen sense of empathy, allowing them to connect deeply with the audience for whom they are writing. This empathy enables them to craft messages that resonate on a personal level, making complex subjects relatable and engaging. Understanding the audience’s needs and expectations allows for a more intuitive and impactful delivery of the content, which is essential when the ghost writer’s goal is to mirror the client’s relationship with their audience.

5.3. Adaptability in Dynamic Projects

The landscape of any writing project can shift—new information can come to light, directions can change, and revisions are often necessary. A ghost writer’s adaptability is key in these situations. Their ability to pivot and approach changes with a solution-oriented mindset is invaluable, ensuring the project maintains momentum and objectives are met with flexibility and resilience.

5.4. Cultural Fit and Client Alignment

Beyond technical skills, a ghost writer’s integration into the client’s ethos and values is crucial for a harmonious working relationship. When a ghost writer’s approach and philosophy align with the client’s, it creates a seamless partnership that extends beyond the page. This cultural fit is what enables the ghost writer to truly embody the client’s voice and produce content that not only aligns with but also enhances the client’s brand identity and messaging.

6. Post-Hire Integration: Seamlessly Incorporating Your Ghostwriter

Integrating a new ghost writer into your project is a critical phase that extends beyond the initial decision to hire a ghost writer. It’s about establishing a harmonious relationship where the freelance writer becomes attuned to the project’s core aspirations. By choosing to hire ghost writers through a reputable ghostwriting service, you’re setting a cornerstone for a fluent exchange of ideas, akin to the collaboration that might occur between a York Times bestselling author and their editor. This strategic approach is particularly essential in book writing, where capturing the author’s unique tone and style is paramount. The following steps are crafted to ensure your ghost writer embodies your vision, creating content with the impact and clarity your project deserves.

6.1 Setting Clear Expectations

Initiate the integration process by setting clear, actionable guidelines. Provide your ghost writer with a comprehensive briefing document that details the project’s goals, the nuances of your brand’s voice, and any specific expectations you have for the content. This clarity from the start helps prevent misunderstandings and sets the stage for a successful partnership.

6.2 Establishing Communication Protocols

A well-defined communication strategy is vital. Determine the frequency and modes of updates, feedback, and meetings. Will it be through daily emails, weekly video calls, or biweekly reports? Establishing this framework early on encourages regular and productive exchanges, ensuring both parties are in sync with the project’s status and developments.

6.3 Creating Milestones for Success

Develop a timeline with specific milestones to track the progress of the project. These markers act as goals for the ghostwriter to target, providing structure to the workflow and opportunities for regular assessment and adjustment. Celebrating these milestones can also serve as a form of recognition for the ghost writer’s efforts and progress.

6.4 Fostering Collaboration and Feedback

Encourage an environment where feedback is exchanged constructively and revisions are handled efficiently. This openness not only improves the quality of the content but also strengthens the collaborative dynamic between you and the ghost writer.

Implementing these steps creates a robust foundation for your working relationship with the writer, ensuring that the content produced aligns with your vision and appeals to your target audience.

7. Ready to Find Your Ghostwriting Partner?

Embarking on the path to hiring a ghost writer is a step towards amplifying your narrative and reaching your audience more effectively. It’s a strategic move that can bring your content goals to fruition with finesse and expertise. The right partner in this endeavor doesn’t just fill a role but becomes a catalyst for your communication strategy, ensuring that every word aligns with your vision and connects authentically with your audience.

With WriterHire, you gain access to a handpicked pool of skilled ghost writers, each bringing a unique set of skills and a commitment to excellence. By choosing a service that understands the importance of this match, you position yourself to achieve outstanding results.


What is WriterHire?

WriterHire is a premier platform dedicated to connecting clients with talented ghostwriters who masterfully turn ideas into written works, from books to speeches, maintaining confidentiality and voice consistency. Our curated network of ghostwriters excels in a range of genres, offering clients the assurance of anonymity and the promise of compelling, authentic content. As each writer sets their own rates, WriterHire acts as a facilitator, ensuring a perfect match for each unique project and budget and streamlining the process of bringing your vision to life with expertise and discretion.

How do I start the entire process to hire a ghost writer for my project?

To hire a ghost writer, begin by defining the scope and goals of your project. If you are planning to use WriterHire, simply fill out a form with your specifications. WriterHire’s team will review your requirements and match you with one or more writers. From there, you can assess their portfolios for writing skills and experience, discuss your vision with them, agree on a ghostwriting contract, and establish clear communication to ensure they capture your voice throughout the entire process.

Can I find freelance ghost writers adept at both fiction writing and blog post creation?

Yes, many freelance ghost writers are versatile and can handle a range of writing tasks, from fiction writing to blog post creation. Look for a professional writer with a proven track record across different formats and who can demonstrate the adaptability of their writing skills through past projects.

What should I look for when hiring ghost writers for a New York Times or Wall Street Journal feature?

When hiring ghost writers for high-profile features, search for professional ghost writers with a proven track record in producing high-quality content for top-tier publications. Check their past successes, such as being a New York Times bestselling author or having publications in the Wall Street Journal, to ensure they have the experience to handle your project.

How do I find ghost writers for non-fiction projects with a strong background in the industry?

For non-fiction projects, it’s essential to hire ghostwriters with relevant industry expertise and experience. You can find ghost writers through professional networks or ghostwriting professionals who specialize in non-fiction. Review their past work to ensure they have the experience and skills to convey the subject matter accurately and engagingly.

What questions should I ask prospective ghost writers to ensure they're a good fit?

Ask prospective ghost writers about their experience with similar projects, request samples of their work, and discuss their process for staying true to an author’s voice. Inquire about their experience with past clients, their approach to research, and how they plan to collaborate with you throughout the ghostwriting job. It’s also wise to discuss the expectations for both sides and how they define a successful outcome.

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