Top 9 Expert Freelance Medical Writers to Hire in 2024

Asheia Wynne Leonard
Freelance Medical Writer
United States (Nashville)
Asheia Wynne Leonard is an expert in affairs, communications, and content writing. DEI advocate. She is applauded for scientific storytelling in women's with over 8 years of experience.
Assistant Scientific Director
Assistant Medical Director
Golda N.
Freelance Medical Writer
Texas, United States
Golda N. is an experienced nurse & quality leader, expert in project management, data analysis, interdisciplinary collaboration, and have 3 years of experience. She is committed to driving positive change in organizations.
Health writer
Nursing Content Writer
Abby McCoy RN BSN
Freelance Medical Writer
United States (Greater St. Louis)
Abby McCoy is an RN, Content Writer, and SEO strategist with over one year of writing experience, passionate about creating valuable content that drives traffic and educates.
Contributing Writer
Health Content Writer
Syeda Ilsa Fatima
Freelance Medical Writer
United States
Syeda Ilsa Fatima is a passionate writer & copywriter, expert in translating complex concepts into engaging, SEO-optimized content, navigate the landscape with precision and creativity.
Medical Writer
Seo Content Writer
Mohamud Ali, PharmD
Freelance Medical Writer
United States (Atlanta)
Mohamud Ali is a US-based Independent Consultant providing evidence-based clinical insights for strategic decision-making in . He specializes in market research and publication planning.
Independent Consultant
Kaneesha Allen
Freelance Medical Writer
Florida, United States
Kaneesha (Kay) Allen is a CMSRN and BSN-credentialed Reviewer at Consumer Digest. Registered Nurse and Freelance Writer creating engaging, evidence-based content.
Medical Reviewer
Stacy W. Bruce
Freelance Medical Writer
United States (Alabama)
Stacy W. Bruce is a scientific communicator with expertise in developing strategic content. Experienced in affairs, advisory boards, congresses, websites, and patient engagement.
Therapeutic Policy Management
Obadahunsi Ayomide
Freelance Medical Writer
United Kingdom
Obadahunsi Ayomide is an iGaming Writer, Copywriter, and SEO expert. He has 2 years of experience creating high-converting content and a proven track record in managing teams.
iGaming Writer
Reem Abedi
Freelance Medical Writer
Arizona, United States
Reem Abedi is an experienced writer and aspiring neuroscientist with a focus on Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury. Proficient in laboratory techniques and data analysis using SPSS with 4.1 years of experience.
Freelance Writer
Scientific Content Manager

How to Interview and Hire Freelance Medical Writers

Employing a freelance writer is a strategic decision for pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers aiming to translate complex data into understandable, regulatory-compliant content.
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Rahul Thathoo

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2. Connect With Matched Freelance Medical Writers

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How to Hire a Freelance Medical Writer

Josh Fechter
Founder | Writer

Employing a freelance medical writer is a strategic decision for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers aiming to translate complex health data into understandable, regulatory-compliant content. A great freelance medical writer bridges the gap between scientific innovation and the audience, ensuring that medical documents, patient education materials, and medical writing jobs all meet the highest standards. Their specialized expertise in medical content writing not only reinforces a company’s credibility but is also essential in streamlining regulatory approvals and enhancing patient comprehension.

1. Understanding the Role of a Freelance Medical Writer

Freelance medical writers play a crucial role in translating dense medical knowledge into accessible content. Their expertise in freelance medical writing extends from producing insightful articles for health writers to crafting comprehensive educational materials. They ensure that all complex information from the clinical world, like mental health topics, medical advancements news, and therapeutic information is communicated with clarity and precision to patients.

1.1. The Scope of Medical Writing

The purview of a freelance medical writer spans a variety of documents such as research articles, policy briefs, health information websites, and patient education brochures. Each piece requires a unique approach to ensure it meets its intended purpose—be it informing, persuading, or instructing. Writers must be well-versed in a range of writing styles to cater to the diverse needs of their audience, from the detail-oriented precision needed for regulatory documents to the empathetic tone for patient care materials.

1.2. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Collaboration is at the heart of medical writing. Freelancers often work closely with subject matter experts such as physicians, pharmacists, and research scientists to ensure content accuracy and credibility. They must effectively gather insights and translate medical expertise into written form, often acting as a bridge between technical experts and the target audience. This collaborative process not only enhances the quality of the content but also ensures that it aligns with current medical standards and practices.

2. Key Qualities to Look for in a Freelance Medical Writer

When hiring a freelance medical writer, the search for excellence goes beyond a mere knack for writing. It’s about identifying a professional with a deep-seated foundation in medical and scientific expertise, a penchant for precision, and a rigorous approach to research. A candidate with a portfolio enriched by medical writing samples, a history of engagement with professional writing associations, and a track record of ethical medical communications is positioned to meet the multifaceted demands of the role. With the medical field constantly evolving, a writer who continues to refine their skills through online courses and stays updated with health news brings invaluable dynamism to your projects.

2.1. Medical and Scientific Expertise

A robust foundation in medical sciences is the cornerstone of effective medical writing. Freelancers should possess a comprehensive understanding of biological processes, clinical research, and pharmacology. This expertise enables them to interpret and convey complex scientific information accurately. Credentials such as advanced degrees in life sciences or certifications in medical writing augment their credibility and equip them to handle the intricacies of medical content.

2.2. Precision and Attention to Detail

Medical writing is an arena where the minutiae matter. Freelancers must exhibit a meticulous approach, ensuring that every data point and scientific claim is precise and verifiable. This attention to detail is crucial in avoiding misinterpretation, which can have significant consequences in the medical field. A keen eye can discern critical details that uphold the quality and trustworthiness of the medical content.

2.3. Strong Research and Analytical Skills

The ability to conduct comprehensive research and synthesize information is vital. Freelance medical writers often delve into topics outside their immediate expertise, requiring them to quickly assimilate new information. They must be adept at navigating medical literature, understanding studies, and evaluating sources to produce well-informed and current content that reflects the latest findings and regulatory guidelines.

2.4. Proficiency in Medical Writing Styles and Formats

Freelance medical writers should be versatile in their writing to accommodate various formats, from scholarly articles requiring AMA style to regulatory submissions that adhere to ICH guidelines. Their proficiency across different styles ensures that the content not only serves its purpose but also adheres to the industry’s best practices and expectations of the intended audience.

2.5. Ethical and Regulatory Knowledge

Understanding the ethical considerations and regulatory environment is non-negotiable. Medical writers must be familiar with the ethical standards that govern medical communications, including patient confidentiality and conflict of interest disclosures. They should also have a firm grasp of regulatory requirements pertinent to the documentation for FDA submissions, clinical trial protocols, and marketing materials. This knowledge safeguards the integrity of the content and ensures compliance with global healthcare regulations.

3. Navigating the Freelance Medical Writer Hiring Process

The traditional hiring process for freelance medical writers involves crafting a job description, reviewing applications and portfolios, and interviewing the candidates. WriterHire streamlines this process by filtering the candidates based on your requirements and taking you straight into the interviews. 

3.1. Crafting a Precise Job Description

Begin with a job description that outlines not just the responsibilities and required skills, but also the tone, style, and values your brand embodies. A precise job description attracts candidates whose expertise and creative vision align with your company’s needs, making it easier to identify suitable applicants. With WriterHire, all you need to do is fill out a quick form telling the team what you are looking for.

3.2. Assessing Medical Writing Competence

Evaluating the proficiency of potential candidates in medical writing is a critical step, where their grasp of medical knowledge and writing skills is put to the test. Practical assessments, such as summarizing a clinical study or creating a patient information leaflet, are employed to discern their capability to communicate complex medical concepts with clarity and precision. These exercises not only showcase their adaptability to various medical writing tasks but also highlight their readiness to take on freelance medical writer jobs, providing a clear insight into their practical experience and alignment with industry standards.

3.3. Reviewing the Portfolio for Medical Relevance

Evaluating a freelance medical writer’s portfolio is a critical step in ensuring their expertise aligns with your project’s medical relevance. The portfolio should highlight their proficiency in translating complex medical knowledge into comprehensible content, showcasing their writing skills through diverse writing samples. Each piece must be scrutinized for medical accuracy and clarity, demonstrating the writer’s command over medical terminology and their capacity to make intricate topics accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, the ability to maintain structural coherence while engaging readers is paramount, especially for those seeking to join professional writing associations, where standards are rigorously upheld.

3.4. Scenario-Based and Ethical Questions

Interview questions should include scenario-based prompts to gauge the writer’s problem-solving abilities and ethical reasoning. For instance, asking how they would handle discrepancies in data interpretation or manage tight deadlines with conflicting information. These questions help assess the candidate’s practical knowledge of industry standards and their approach to ethical dilemmas they may encounter.

3.5. Evaluating Communication and Teamwork

Effective communication and teamwork are essential for freelance medical writers who often collaborate remotely. Discussing past collaborative projects can provide insight into the writer’s ability to work with cross-functional teams, including clinicians, regulatory affairs, and marketing departments. Evaluating these soft skills ensures that the writer can integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and contribute positively to the project’s success.

WriterHire can serve as a valuable resource for connecting companies with qualified freelance medical writers. These marketplaces simplify the search and vetting process, ensuring that companies find writers with the right blend of skills and experience to meet their specific project needs.

4. Evaluating a Freelance Medical Writer’s Portfolio

A freelance medical writer’s portfolio is a comprehensive showcase of their ability to navigate the medical field, blending medical writing with educational writing to produce content that meets the meticulous standards of medical device companies and the health industry. It should display a command of medical terminology, evidencing their role as scientific writers who can translate complex health data into accessible information. The portfolio must include a spectrum of medical writing samples—from regulatory submissions to patient education—reflecting not only the writer’s versatility but also their specialization in areas pertinent to your project’s needs.

The structure and clarity of the portfolio are indicative of the writer’s organizational skills and writing skills, crucial for creating coherent medical documents that convey information effectively to both specialists and the general public. A successful freelance medical writer also appreciates the value of visual elements, integrating charts and infographics that enhance understanding for readers, a skill often honed through membership in professional writing associations like the American Medical Writers Association.

By reviewing this curated collection of their previous work, clients can gauge the writer’s potential for freelance medical writing jobs, ensuring that the writer’s expertise aligns with the company’s objectives and the specific requirements of the medical communications to be undertaken.

5. Soft Skills and Cultural Fit in the Medical Writing Field

Soft skills like effective communication and empathy are as crucial as technical expertise in the medical writing field. A freelance medical writer must excel in simplifying medical terminology and demonstrating adaptability to stay abreast of the latest medical research and guidelines. These qualities, coupled with a strong cultural fit, ensure a writer can fully integrate with an organization’s values and practices, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

5.1. Importance of Effective Communication

For a freelance medical writer, mastering effective communication is more than a skill—it’s an essential tool of the trade. Beyond the accurate translation of medical terminology for lay audiences, they must navigate the freelance medical landscape by engaging with a network of stakeholders, from clinicians to patients, ensuring their writing addresses the diverse needs of each group. These interactions often extend beyond face-to-face meetings, tapping into business networking sites and online courses to stay current with the latest medical discourse. Successful medical writers use these skills to solicit and integrate feedback, a process that refines their work into a final product that not only informs but resonates with its readership.

5.2. Empathy Towards Patient and Clinical Perspectives

Empathy is a crucial skill for medical writers, as it allows them to connect with the patient and clinical perspective and write content that is engaging and informative. Whether developing patient education materials or writing study protocols, considering the end-user’s understanding and experience is essential for producing relevant and impactful content.

5.3. Adaptability to Evolving Medical Research and Guidelines

The medical field is dynamic, with continuous advancements in research and changes in guidelines. A freelance medical writer must be flexible and willing to update their knowledge base regularly. This adaptability not only ensures the accuracy of the information but also its compliance with current standards and best practices.

5.4. Assessing the Fit with Organizational Values and Practices

Cultural fit is significant when hiring a freelance medical writer, as it affects how well they integrate with the team and align with the company’s mission and work style. A writer whose values resonate with the organization can collaborate more effectively and contribute to a positive and productive work environment. Assessing this fit can involve discussions about work processes, communication preferences, and expectations to ensure alignment on both sides.

6. Post-Hire Integration of a Freelance Medical Writer

To ensure a seamless transition into the project team, it is essential to have an initial phase dedicated to integrating the freelance medical writer with the company’s culture and operational dynamics.

6.1. Onboarding and Familiarization with Medical Protocols

Effective onboarding is crucial for integrating a freelance medical writer into a project, especially regarding understanding specific medical protocols and procedures. A structured onboarding process should include a comprehensive overview of the project’s objectives, timelines, and expectations. It’s also vital to provide access to all necessary reference materials, guidelines, and any previous documentation that will help the writer become acquainted with the project’s standards and procedures.

6.2. Establishing a Clear Communication Pathway

Clear and consistent communication channels are the lifeline of remote collaboration with a freelance medical writer. It’s important to establish the preferred modes of communication, such as email, video calls, or project management tools, and to set regular check-ins. These channels ensure that questions can be addressed promptly and that the writer remains aligned with the project team throughout the course of the project.

6.3. Aligning with Regulatory Compliance and Documentation Standards

A freelance medical writer must be well-versed in the relevant regulatory environment and documentation standards. Post-hire, it’s important to align on these standards, which may involve training or briefing sessions on the specific compliance requirements of the industry, such as FDA regulations for pharmaceuticals or HIPAA regulations for patient privacy in healthcare. Ensuring that the writer is aware of these regulations from the outset will mitigate risks and streamline the writing and approval processes.

7. Deciding Between In-House and Remote Medical Writers

Choosing between in-house and remote medical writers is a critical decision for organizations within the medical industry. In-house teams provide consistency and deep integration with company processes, while remote medical writers bring diverse experience and flexibility to the table. This section explores the distinct advantages of both arrangements and how companies can leverage platforms like WriterHire to find the right blend of talent for their medical writing needs.

7.1. Benefits of an In-House Medical Writing Team

An in-house medical writing team brings an unmatched depth of familiarity with a company’s medical products, therapeutic areas, and internal processes. This translates to a consistent tone and style across all documentation. In-house writers are integral to the collaborative process, especially valuable in complex projects that require ongoing updates and feedback. Their continuous interaction with the company’s teams also allows them to deeply embed the company’s culture and strategic goals into their writing.

7.2. The Flexibility and Expertise of Remote Medical Writers

Remote medical writers, often working freelance, offer a high degree of flexibility and specialized knowledge that can be critical for time-bound projects or those requiring a specific skill set. Their diverse experience in various therapeutic areas and documentation types enables them to provide fresh insights and innovative approaches. Engaging remote writers on a project basis can be a cost-effective solution for companies with fluctuating medical writing needs, allowing for scalability and adaptability to project workflows.

7.3. Combining In-House and Remote Medical Writing Resources

A combination of in-house and remote medical writing talent is frequently the optimal approach for organizations. It allows for a stable core of in-house writers to ensure continuity in ongoing projects, supplemented by remote writers who can provide specialized expertise or support during high-volume periods. Leveraging a platform like WriterHire can be particularly useful in this hybrid model, helping to seamlessly integrate remote medical writers with the in-house team to create a cohesive, flexible, and efficient writing operation.

8. Leveraging WriterHire Services to Find Freelance Medical Writers

WriterHire streamlines the connection between medical industry needs and expert freelance medical writers. This platform ensures medical device companies and health industry organizations can find the perfect match for their medical writing projects, with a focus on educational writing, regulatory writing, and medical communications. By tapping into a network of seasoned professionals, including those with scientific writer credentials and a deep understanding of medical terminology, WriterHire upholds quality and reliability in every match.

8.1. The Role of WriterHire

Our platform revolutionizes the way companies find and hire freelance medical writers. These platforms offer a curated pool of writers with diverse expertise and experience in the medical field. We simplify the search process by matching companies with writers based on specific project requirements and areas of expertise. Furthermore, WriterHire provides vetting processes to ensure writers have the necessary qualifications, making the hiring process more efficient and reliable.

8.2. Using Professional Networks and Referrals

Professional networks and referrals remain a trusted source for finding seasoned freelance medical writers. Leveraging connections within the industry can lead to recommendations for writers who have proven track records and are trusted by peers. Attending industry conferences, joining professional associations, or participating in medical writing forums can expand a company’s network and increase the chances of finding high-quality writers through word-of-mouth.

8.3. Screening for Quality and Reliability

Screening potential candidates is a critical step in the hiring process. It’s important to conduct thorough interviews and review writing samples to assess the writer’s ability to produce high-quality work. Checking references and testimonials can provide additional insights into the writer’s reliability, work ethic, and ability to meet deadlines. Establishing a trial project or a probation period can also serve as an effective way to evaluate the writer’s fit with the company’s needs before committing to a long-term engagement.


What is WriterHire?

WriterHire is a platform designed to match businesses and individuals with skilled copywriters, capable of elevating brand messaging across various mediums. Our selection of professional copywriters is proficient in creating persuasive and engaging content, from website copy to social media campaigns. Each writer determines their own pricing, ensuring that clients can find the right expertise to fit their budget.

How do I hire a freelancer who fits my company's needs?

When hiring writers through WriterHire, the first step is to fill out the form specifying what your project requirements are. WriterHire’s team will then assess your content goals and the writing style that resonates with your brand. You will have the chance to interview candidates and review portfolios for relevant experience. You can consider a trial project to assess their fit with your brand voice.

Why should I consider a medical education writer for my project?

A medical education writer specializes in creating content that educates healthcare professionals, patients, and the public. They play a crucial role in medical education by translating complex health information into accessible knowledge, often collaborating with health writers and pharmaceutical companies to produce materials that align with current health news and medical journals.

Where can I find medical writing jobs?

Medical writing jobs can be found on various online platforms, job boards, and through networking in professional associations. Many medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies also list opportunities on their websites. Freelance writers1 can explore specialized job portals that connect freelancers with medical writing gigs.

What should I look for in medical writing samples from a freelance writer?

When reviewing medical writing samples from a freelance writer, look for evidence of their ability to communicate complex medical information clearly and accurately. Check for a comprehensive understanding of the medical field, adherence to medical documents’ standards, and the ability to engage a specific audience. Samples should also demonstrate the writer’s capacity for medical device and pharmaceutical communications.

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