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Best People Analytics Certification Course: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the best people analytics certification courses? We have searched out some of the best courses.

As you start your career in the HR field, you realize the importance of people analytics. Understanding how to collect and interpret data to make better decisions is important. It enables HR professionals to turn data into insights to help organizations make better decisions about their people. To master it, you need certifications in people analytics.

Certification is not mandatory to excel in people analytics. However, certification courses are a great channel to build a strong foundation and understanding of the concepts. It also helps to build credibility and expertise in the field.

Many well-establish organizations prefer professionals with a certification in people analytics. Thus, it helps you in career advancement and getting promotions.

In this blog post, I’ll share a list of the best people analytics certification courses to help you secure a job in HR.

Let’s dive into it.

Top People Analytics Certification Courses for 2024

People analytics is a data-driven field that enables HR professionals to utilize organizational data accurately to make decisions. It’s a relatively new field, and many organizations are still struggling to understand its potential. As a result, the demand for people analytics professionals is constantly increasing.

You can be an expert in this field by taking the right certification course. Several programs are available that improve your understanding of the concepts and tools used in people analytics.

To help you choose the right certification course, I’ve compiled a list of the top people analytics certification courses in 2024 for you. So, let’s explore it.

People Analytics Certification Course by HR University

People Analytics Certification Course

Price: $345

Rating: 5/5 

Duration: 10 weeks

This certification program is an excellent way to learn people analytics. It is designed for HR professionals who want to learn to use statistical data to improve their organizations. It provides 90+ video sessions and 15 classes to improve your perception of people analytics.

Moreover, this program offers theoretical and practical approaches in steps to use software systems for analyzing employee data. You will also learn about HR metrics, workforce planning, and using data to improve talent acquisition.

The experts of HR University have designed this course to help you learn about organizing and using data while communicating with the workforce. You also learn data-gathering practices that are necessary for HR professionals.

It demonstrates basic statistics and how to use them for creating useful HR reports. In this course, experts teach you about creating and conducting surveys for data collection. In addition, it offers a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced analytics to make better decisions.

This people analytics course provides you with knowledge of creating dashboards, tables, and graphs for data presentation. Not only this, but it also enables you to present collected data efficiently to the management and employees. Thus, it is one of the most comprehensive certification courses that offers everything you need about people analytics.

Visit People Analytics Certification Course by HR University here.

People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science by University of Cambridge

People Analytics Transforming HR

Price: $1,700

Rating: 4.8/5 

Duration: 8 weeks

Here is another outstanding course for those who want to understand and implement data analytics in their organization. It is offered by the University of Cambridge and helps you learn about the role of data in HR strategy.

It is a perfect certificate for mid and senior-level HR practitioners. Data analytics professionals, project managers, Directors, and employee representatives can also leverage this course.

This course helps you become a strategic partner by teaching about using data analytics in your workplace and understanding its potential. It covers strategic positioning, which is important for HR professionals. It enables you to foster the concept of people analytics in your organization and understand data-driven insights. It also boosts the efficiency of employees as well as the organization.

The course offers an overview of the process of improving various operations within your organization using data analytics. You also learn to develop management plans for the workplace. In addition, it helps you understand how to use HR data for organizational success.

This people analytics certification program enables you to identify and manage the interests of key stakeholders. You also learn to recognize and solve the problems your organization is facing. To solve any problem, you need first to understand it. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use data analytics to pinpoint the root cause of any problem. Once you understand the problem, you can easily find its solution.

With this program, you learn to design experiments. Experts also teach you how to use data to build predictive models. In addition, the course provides an overview of the psychometrics of data and its application in HR. You also get to know about organizational data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and various other models. It also offers information about predictive analytics and how to use it for talent management.

It is an excellent course that enables you to transform your organization into a more productive workplace. It allows you to build your vision and strategy for the workplace. In addition, it offers various live and recorded sessions with HR experts to improve your understanding and make the learning process more enjoyable. You also get access to interactive groups to discuss your queries with fellow learners.

Explore People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science by the University of Cambridge here.

People Analytics Certificate Program by AIHR

People Analytics AIHR

Price: $975

Rating: 4.6/5 

Duration: 12 months

The people analytics certificate program by the Academy of Innovate HR is another great addition to our list of best people analytics certification courses. AIHR is a well-recognized name in the HR industry and offers one of the most comprehensive certification programs.

The course is for ambitious professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest analytics tools and technologies and implement them in their workplace. It is a 12-month assessment-based program that covers all the essential people analytics topics.

This program enables you to integrate your HR knowledge with data analytics to analyze and resolve various workplace issues. You learn to utilize statistical techniques and software to make better decisions. The course also covers the basics of data science and its application in HR.

In this course, experts explain the methods of collecting data. They also teach you how to interpret and communicate HR data. In addition, you also learn to analyze data through various programming languages such as R and SPSS.

The course offers a comprehensive understanding of HR metrics. You learn to develop and implement metrics that provide insight into your employees’ performance. It also influences the efficiency of the HR department.

You can learn to build self-service dashboards to analyze data. Self-service dashboards are created using data analysis tools like Power BI and Microsoft Excel. Experts also teach you to implement data-driven HR practices and encourage a data-driven culture.

By getting this certification program, you learn about strategic workforce planning. You also learn how to integrate human resources with ROI. In addition, the course also covers topics like data visualization and publishing data using various tools.

It is an excellent course for HR professionals who want to understand real-world projects. You get to work on projects with real data sets. It makes the learning process more interactive. Moreover, it’s an online course, so you don’t have to rush anywhere to attend the classes. You can learn everything at your own pace and time.

Visit People Analytics Certificate Program by AIHR here.

People Analytics by Warton University of Pennsylvania

People Analytics Wharton Online

Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5 

Duration: 10 weeks

This people analytics program is for HR professionals and business leaders who are on their way to getting expertise in data analytics process management. It is a perfect choice for beginners as well as senior HR professionals.

The course covers everything from basic to advanced concepts of data analytics. You learn to analyze and interpret data to find out various trends. The course also covers methods to predict future outcomes. It comprises several modules, and each module covers a different topic.

The course starts with an introduction to people analytics. You learn about the basics of people analytics and its impact on performance evaluation. You also understand the issues HR professionals often face during the evaluation performance of employees. Performance evaluation enables you to identify the potential of an employee. It is crucial for identifying the right talent. It also helps you differentiate between a high performer and an average performer.

The next module deals with staffing. You learn about the key steps in staffing and how you can use people analytics to improve it. The module covers topics like job analysis, recruiting, and selection. You learn about the different analytical approaches for recruiting and optimizing internal mobility. You also learn to identify the reason for turnover and how people analytics can help reduce it.

The experts of Warton University teach you basic people analytics practices to promote workplace collaboration. You learn the impacts of data on collaboration networks. It enables you to understand the collaboration patterns in your workplace. Moreover, you also learn about the techniques to improve communication in the workplace.

This course offers a comprehensive knowledge of talent management. You learn about the different aspects of HR management and how people analytics can help you improve it. The module covers succession planning, performance management, and learning and development. You also get to know about future direction. It enables you to employ data for making better talent management decisions.

Visit People Analytics by the Warton University of Pennsylvania here.

People Analytics by Josh Bersin

People Analytics Josh Bersin

Price: $25 per month

Rating: 4.6/5 

Duration: 5 weeks

This people analytics course is for HR professionals who want to expand their knowledge and go the extra mile in their careers. Josh Berson Academy is a well-known name in the field of HR. The course offers you an understanding of data analytics. It is a comprehensive course that covers various aspects of people analytics and HR analytical skills.

The curriculum of this certification program provides you with an in-depth understanding of people analytics. You also learn about its purpose, process, and techniques. The course covers the strategies you need to identify and solve problems within your workplace. It enables you to develop an actional insight to solve

This course also covers data-gathering practices and makes data more accessible to anyone. You learn about data governance and ways to ensure data quality. The course also covers the basics of statistical analysis and different methods to analyze data.

You also learn to promote a positive culture of questioning and experimentation. The course enables you to conduct inquiries and solve problems with the help of data. It also demonstrates the method to communicate the insight you gained in the form of visuals, presentations, and reports.

This course is in five field manuals. It also provides access to HR expert groups and communities where you can ask questions and get answers from the experts. Once you complete this program, you can develop meaningful insights from data. Moreover, you also get adept at asking creative questions and solving problems.

An Introduction to People Analytics by myHRfuture


Price: $25 per month

Rating: 4.6/5 

Duration: 8 weeks

It is one of the best hr analytics certifications. The course is designed to help HR professionals enhance their hr analytics knowledge base. It suits entry-level as well as senior-level HR professionals and improves business value. It is also helpful for people analytics professionals and business partners.

Jonathan Ferrar, David Green, and their team of professionals have designed this course. This course aims to provide knowledge about people analytics and how it adds value to your business. The course helps you understand the implementation of people analytics in your organization.

This course covers data-driven decision-making, workforce planning, and HR operations. You also get to know about the history of people analytics and analytics framework. The course also covers the key skills involved in this field. These include data interpretation, analysis, and storytelling.

The course also demonstrates various types of data and how to use them. Besides, it also covers the journey of an HR professional. This course teaches you to use multiple practices, tools, and techniques. It also helps you understand stakeholders and share tips for human resources.

The course curriculum comprises ten modules accompanied by case studies, templates, and examples. You can get the opportunity to learn from various experts in this field. Interaction with experts and other learners helps you understand the concepts better.

Visit An Introduction to People Analytics by myHRfuture here.

People Analytics by Google

Google People Analytics

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5 

Duration: Self-paced

This certification is no less than any other course on our list. The HR experts of Google have designed this course. The course is helpful for anyone who wishes to understand and use data-driven HR practices.

The course curriculum enables you to understand how to employ data to improve your workplace and people practices. You also get to know about the best HR practices for using data. The course also includes topics related to HR management and HR metrics. You learn analytical techniques to improve your workplace. This certification program also demonstrates ways to assess data and make decisions accordingly.

You also get an opportunity to learn from the HR experts who teach you to conduct research and gain insights from data. You learn to find the right solution to employees’ problems and improve their experience. The course is helpful for you to understand your workforce and assess the impact of your HR practices.

Conventional approaches are often not enough to solve an issue and make decisions as they are based on your instincts. In contrast, the analytical approach is based on data that can help you find the root cause of a problem. This course is helpful for anyone who wants to use data to improve their HR practices.

Google experts offer guides, case studies, and blog posts to help you understand the concepts better. You also get access to a community of HR professionals where you can ask questions and get answers from experts.

In this certificate program, you get guidelines about managing a workforce. You learn to create and run employee surveys. You also get a comprehensive knowledge of metrics and HR data. The course is helpful for you to understand how to build an analytical mindset in your organization.

Learn more about People Analytics by Google here.


People analytics is an emerging field that transforms a company into a data-driven organization. This field involves various aspects of HR, such as workforce planning, HR operations, and data interpretation. You must be well-versed in this field to make better decisions as an HR practitioner.

However, becoming adept in this field is a daunting pursuit as it involves a lot of concepts and techniques. The best way to learn people analytics is to take a certification course. These courses are designed by HR experts and help you understand the concepts better. You also get an opportunity to interact with other HR professionals and experts.

If you need one of the best people analytics certification courses, then you can consider the courses mentioned above. These courses are designed by leading HR experts and can help you understand the concepts better. However, we recommend you go for People Analytics Certification Course by HR University as it covers all the aspects of people analytics. The course is also very affordable compared to other courses on our list. So, don’t waste time and enroll in the certification course today!