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Best Product Management Bootcamps 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you interested in product management bootcamps?

Product management is a highly demanding job that requires understanding the entire product life-cycle. This means that product managers need to have strong business skills, technical knowledge, and excellent interpersonal skills. 

Product management bootcamps teach these crucial skill sets in a short period of time. In this post, you’ll get a list of the best bootcamps for product managers to decide which one is right for you.

What is a Product Management Bootcamp?

Product management bootcamps are product management certification programs focused on forming great product managers by teaching the fundamental skills of product management, including:

  • Market research 
  • Understanding customer needs and requirements 
  • Creating business plans 
  • Developing software features that meet user expectations

In addition to these fundamental skills, many programs focus on more advanced topics such as pricing strategy or Agile development methodologies. There is a wide range of course lengths – courses can be anywhere from one day to two weeks long, depending on what you want out of your education experience. 

Bootcamps offer intensive training during this period so that product strategists will come away with a good foundation for their career after just a few days. You may find it beneficial to take an online course before attending an in-person class to get a sense of the pace of instruction.

What can you expect to get from a product management bootcamp?

A product management bootcamp will help you meet some PM education requirements most employers look for. For instance: 

– Learn how to effectively plan your product roadmap and understand the process of working with different stakeholders

– Learn Agile development practices, and best-practice methodologies for delivering products on time and within budget constraints. 

– Courses may cover e-commerce basics or more technical topics like coding an HTML page from scratch. 

Many free resources available online can help teach these fundamental skills outside of a structured setting. So if you’re unsure about taking this kind of course, consider starting by learning some basic concepts before committing to anything else.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best product management bootcamp out there now:

Best Product Management Bootcamps of 2021

1. Ironhack

Ironhack product manager bootcamp

Locations: Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Miami, Mexico City, Online, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona

Number of Courses: 7

Ironhack is an intensive, immersive bootcamp that focuses on product management. Students learn about design thinking and the strategies used by successful tech companies like Google or Amazon to launch new products. Ironhack’s courses provide lectures, hands-on projects, and workshops led by industry experts from Silicon Valley.

2. Thinkful


Locations: Online

Number of Courses: 13 

Thinkful offers a variety of online courses in product management, ranging from introductory to deep-dive technical topics.

Students work on real live projects with teams and mentors that offer feedback throughout the course. Thinkful’s Product Management Course covers how startup product management gets traction to build an MVP, prototyping design sketches through high fidelity mockups, gathering user feedback for validation testing, and launching products into marketplaces like App Store or Google Play.

The most popular program is the Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp, which teaches students full-stack web development skills, project management, and business fundamentals needed to start their own technology company after graduation.

3. BrainStation


Locations: Vancouver, Miami, New York City, London, Toronto, Online

Number of courses: 36 

BrainStation offers a bootcamp where you’ll gain skills in Product Development in a Digital World, Prototyping and Design Thinking for UX Designers, Business Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs, and the UX Research Immersive Program.

What makes their program unique? – BrainStation is the only coding bootcamp with an MBA or Master’s degree in digital marketing on staff. This allows students to enjoy personalized guidance from our instructors while also learning about product management through the lens of digital marketers. Their curriculum includes topics like SEO/SEM optimization and conversion rate optimization so you can take your new skills into any industry.

Honorable Mentions

After going over the top three, here are other boot camps you should consider.

4. General Assembly

Locations: Sydney, London, Washington, Melbourne, Singapore, San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, Charlotte, Brisbane, Edinburgh, Manchester, Adelaide, Raleigh, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Online, Salt Lake City, Paris, Houston, Austin

Number of courses: 18 

General Assembly’s 18-course bootcamp program is one of the most robust options for aspiring product managers. Teaching topics like SEO/SEM optimization, conversion rate optimization, agile project management techniques, how to get a job as a product manager, and more.

This curriculum prepares students with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing industry. Alongside these courses are workshops that delve into navigating office politics or developing your brand. 

5. Coding Dojo

Locations: Dallas, Tulsa, Boise, Arlington, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Chicago, Orange County, Los Angeles, Online

Number of courses:

Coding Dojo provides immersive, full-time product management bootcamps in Silicon Valley and Seattle. These programs are for students with various backgrounds. Still, all courses emphasize the fundamentals of software development and design thinking skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced industry like tech.

The program includes everything from how to develop digital products (from ideation to launch) to learning about user data analytics or best practices for designing experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and retention rates—no matter the technology involved. 

This is an intensive course meant only for those who have already gained experience as professional developers or designers; if you’re new to coding, Coding Dojo might not be your best option.

6. DevMountain

Locations: Lehi, Dallas, Online

Number of courses: 11 

DevMountain is an online coding bootcamp for self-directed professionals. 

Students can take on the course in chunks of time or all at once, which helps those who have limited availability due to work and family commitments. The courses have manageable units that students can complete within one week, with instructors checking progress monthly. Hence, no student graduates without mastering their content—whatever pace they need it done.

The program covers various topics, from front-end development (including JavaScript frameworks like Angular) to back-end systems (such as Ruby). Data analytics and UX design modules are also available if you want specific specialties outside fundamental product management skillsets such as conversion rate optimization or designing experiences.

7. The Tech Academy

Locations: Portland, Online, Salt Lake City

Number of courses: 44 Courses

Description: The Tech Academy is a product management leadership program that offers courses in online and on-site formats. Courses are for people who want to break into the industry or advance their careers as PMs, regardless of background or experience level. 

The coursework covers topics like user research, design thinking, usability testing, and prototyping tools—all skills you need to be an adequate product manager at any tech company today. You’ll also get specific training in areas such as Agile development best practices and advanced analytics techniques so you can work effectively with engineering teams.

8. Product Gym

Locations: San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Online, Austin

Number of courses:

Product Gym offers a popular product management program designed for people who want to break into the industry or advance their careers as PMs. Courses are available online and on-site, so you can study at home, work during your lunch break, or go back to school while still managing your career. And courses cover everything from user research to design thinking. You’ll also get specific training in Agile development best practices and advanced analytics techniques. 

9. Sabio

Locations: Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, Online

Number of courses:

Sabio offers an immersive, full-time bootcamp for people looking to change their careers. You’ll get courses in product management from experienced instructors, and you can take some of your classes at the company’s campus in California.

In this bootcamp, you’ll learn about various product management topics, including agile development best practices and advanced analytics techniques. You can also study remotely from your home or office with Sabio’s Online Bootcamp, which has an online curriculum similar to the one offered on-site at their campus in California.

10. Product School

Locations: San Francisco, New York City, Silicon Valley, London, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Boulder, Denver, Toronto, Orange County, Los Angeles, Online, Austin

Number of courses:

You can take Product Course’s product management course online or on-site at its campuses in Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Seattle, Boston, or Boulder (or remotely from your home). The three-month program will teach you the fundamentals of product management and how to work with teams like marketing and engineering to bring new products into reality. You’ll learn about topics such as lean principles and design thinking while getting feedback on what you’re working on so that these skills are more applicable to your specific product management goals.

11. Coding Temple

Locations: Washington, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Online

Number of courses:

Coding Temple teaches product managers how to code in JavaScript, React.js, and other famous programming languages designers and developers use daily. You’ll learn basic coding concepts such as data structures, object-oriented programming with JavaScript, and command-line tools for web development like Git and GitHub; this is the perfect course if you’re looking to break into tech or want new skills for your resume.

12. Georgia Tech Boot Camps

Locations: Atlanta, Savannah

Number of courses:

Georgia Tech’s product management bootcamps are some of the most popular nationwide. They offer courses such as Product Management Essentials, Scrum Fundamentals, Agile Hands-on Training, and more.

The course includes direct interaction with other PMs who have been there before you; they also provide support after completion for those looking for opportunities or who need help getting started on their new career path. 

13. Tech Talent South

Locations: Asheville, New Orleans, Columbus, San Antonio, Wilmington, Hartford, Phoenix, Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, Atlanta

Number of courses:

Tech Talent South offers a variety of courses for all levels. They offer the Product Management Fundamentals course and Advanced Agile Training for those just starting their product management journey. At the same time, more seasoned PMs can participate in Technical Leadership Development or Corporate Strategy Planning. They also provide one-on-one mentorship to help guide you through your career path. 

14. Wild Code School

Locations: Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Paris, Barcelona, Nantes

Number of courses:

Wild Code School provides four courses: Product Management Course, Agile Development Course, and Front-end Web Developer. 

In these courses, students come in with their projects, and the instructors help them work through issues, share best practices and get feedback. The classes are held over five days weekly for three months to cover everything from ideation to building a prototype.

 There’s also an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring sessions or joining a startup accelerator after your course is finished.

15. Holberton School

Locations: Bogotá, New Haven, Cali, Beirut, Tunis, Medellín, Barranquilla, Montevideo, Lima, Laval, San Juan, Quito, Tulsa, Lille

Number of courses: 5

Holberton School is a new school that offers long-term technical training in software engineering

The program consists of four 12-week terms and meetings on Wednesdays from 18h to 21h followed by 24 hours of online work per week. There are no holidays or weekends off during this time. Holberton says students can finish the entire computer science curriculum within one year if they choose to complete all five tracks offered at the school – Web development (JavaScript), Front End Developer (HTML/CSS), Back End Programmer (Ruby On Rails), Data Science, Product Management – while pursuing their projects as well as pair programming.

16. Craft Academy

Locations: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Online

Number of courses: 1

The Craft Academy is a program of one online course and three in-person courses designed to teach participants from all backgrounds the basics of design, development, business, and research. The focus on creativity sets it apart from other bootcamps for product managers and many coding schools that emphasize technical skills over creative thinking.

“It’s more about understanding how you can combine those different disciplines creatively,” says Bobby Ghoshal, who co-founded the company with fellow MIT graduate Fernanda Bensoussan – Cofounder at Craft Academy. 

17. 4Geeks Academy

Locations: Caracas, Santiago, Miami, Madrid

Number of courses: 4 

The Bootcamp takes place in four cities and one online course.

One week of training in Caracas, Santiago, Miami, or Madrid includes lectures on product management basics like creating a roadmap for your product, prioritizing features, and communicating with other team members working on marketing strategies.

Also, a two-week program where participants build their app from scratch while learning the core principles behind user experience design. A six-month bootcamp follows the program, teaching entrepreneurs how to validate their startup idea through customer research before investing too much time or money. Participants also learn about business fundamentals such as financial modeling and raising capital. 

18. UCLA Extension Boot Camps

Location: Los Angeles

Number of courses: 4 Courses

UCLA Extension offers a two-day introduction to coding and design and courses in Data Analytics, Product Management, Entrepreneurship, and more.

In this product management bootcamp,  attendees will learn how to develop an effective product strategy, discover the importance of user research and testing, and create a comprehensive requirements document.

In this course, participants manage all aspects of advertising campaigns’ creative process, from planning through development. Participants also explore branding, positioning, and pricing strategies for their chosen industry before producing mock campaign work at any agency or company.

How to prepare for a product management bootcamp?

Before attending a bootcamp, many people spend time researching and identifying the target audience for their products to make them more successful.

The best way to prepare is by understanding how your strengths will match up with your competition so that you can use this information as leverage during negotiations or presentations. 

Thorough knowledge of all these areas will allow you to be an excellent negotiator when reaching agreements on deals since it will give you a good idea about what others are looking for in return should any agreement occur.

Also, by practicing ahead of time, you’ll save yourself from wasting valuable study time at the boot camp and focus only on skills specific to being a product manager after finishing the boot camp.

In addition, it’s essential that participants become familiar with all aspects of the industry they’re interested in, such as branding, positioning, pricing strategies, etc. Professionals often teach these topics from within those industries, meaning there is no shortage of information.

Also, you might want to work on your product management skills before attending bootcamps from the list above. Let’s take a look at these skills:

Product Manager Skills To Attend a PM Bootcamp

You’ll need many different product management skills to succeed at a bootcamp. Some of them are:

1. Product Strategy, Branding, and Positioning

Understanding the customer’s needs to find the right fit for your company and what brands and positioning will allow you to meet those needs. 

If you can improve these skills before attending a bootcamp,  you will be ready to get the most out of it.

2. Business Case Analysis

A crucial skill a product manager should have is the ability to analyze a business case and find any potential flaws or opportunities. 

Learning this skill before attending a bootcamp will help you manage your time better to get the most out of it.

3. Market Research, Competitor Analysis, and Target Audience Identification

These product management tasks will help you become a better product manager. Learning about these aspects will help you make product decisions in the PM bootcamp you choose. 

How to Choose the Right Product Management Bootcamp For You?

Choosing the right PM bootcamp out of so many of them might seem daunting at first. To make the right choice, you can start by asking yourself these questions: 

-What do I want to learn? (what skills do you need) 

-How much time can I devote to the bootcamp? (time management skills are essential in this industry, so make sure you have a plan that works for your schedule)

Next, research and find programs with courses that cover what you’re looking for. You might want to start following the links in the list above and reviewing each bootcamp program in detail. 

Make sure the bootcamp you choose aligns with your goals as a product manager and that you understand the investment.

Good luck.