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Best HR Analyst Certifications 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Interested in getting an HR analyst Certification? That’s a fantastic Idea.

Enriching your credentials, learning new skills, and making yourself more marketable are challenging in today’s human resource landscape. A well-recognized HR analytics certification is a great way to validate your expertise, expand your professional network and advance your career.

If you want to excel in HR analytics, you should consider pursuing a certification that helps you develop your skills and learn the most in-demand HR analyst techniques.

Best HR Analyst Certifications 2024

There are hundreds of HR analyst certification courses available, offering different skills. It needs a lot of research to get the most suitable certification to enhance your credibility. To help you get the right certificate, we have compiled a list of some of the best certifications. Let’s learn about them.

1. People Analytics Certification Course by HR University

People Analytics Certification Course

It is a well-acknowledged certificate program in the HR domain. It consists of more than 90 video lessons and 15 plus classes that take you through the ins and outs of HR analytics. You will explore how data can be used to drive better decision-making in HR. You also learn to identify and utilize useful HR metrics to improve your organization’s performance.

Moreover, this course offers theoretical lessons as well as practical applications of HR analytics in the form of case studies and hands-on exercises. Theoretical and practical knowledge provides you with better insights and understanding of how HR analytics can be used in the real world.

Learning Outline

This certification program improves your HR skills and enables you to implement HR analytics in your organization to make better decisions. The course helps you learn:

  • Basics of statistics, which are necessary for improving the operations of the organization using people analytics.
  • Data collection from various sources and organizing it to be used for analysis.
  • Creating surveys and conducting interviews to recruit new employees.
  • Use software and tools to carry out various types of HR data analysis.
  • Communicate the findings of your HR data analysis to the management for better decision-making.
  • Creating dashboards to track the progress of HR analytics projects.

Who can enroll in this course?

This course is for HR professionals who want to use data and analytics to improve the efficiency of their organization. It is also suitable for HR professionals who have just started their HR careers and want to learn how to use data in HR.

How much does it cost?

This certification course is not too costly and offers great value for your money. The course fee is $349 and enables you to learn from the comfort of your home or office.

You can access HR University’s People Analytics Course here

2. People Analytics: HR Transformation Through Data by The Warton School of The University of Pennsylvania

People Analytics - HR Transformation Through Data

It is a popular human resource analytics certification known for emphasizing real-life applications. It is designed to provide you with a data-driven approach to the workforce, culture, performance, and talent.

This course enables you to understand the dynamics of human capital, which allows you to develop strategies that can improve the individual, team, or organizational performance. It teaches participants how to use employee data to make the right decision for various stakeholders.

It offers you a grip over the basic principles of human resource analytics and equips you with several essential skills required to implement HR analytics in the workplace. It provides an understanding of key factors of performance appraisal, workforce planning, and succession planning.

It focuses on teaching how you can evaluate the business context, measure the right KPIs, and identify trends and challenges by leveraging data mined from HR applications. It teaches you how to maximize the performance of employees by implementing workforce analytics. You also learn to collect data along with differentiating good and bad data. The course includes the following topics:

  • Using Data to Engage and Retain Talent
  • Staffing through Analytics
  • Using Data to Make Smart Decisions
  • Predictive Models for People Analytics
  • Data-Driven Performance Management
  • Network Analysis: Measuring and Managing Collaboration
  • Uncovering Hidden Biases through Data: Gender, Diversity, and Hiring

How Much is The Enrollment Fee for the People Analytics: HR Transformation Through Data?

This comprehensive online program costs $4,900. It enables you to learn many things within three weeks at this cost.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the People Analytics: HR Transformation Through Data?

This course is designed for organization leaders who want to learn about HR analytics skills and various tools for human resource management. It is also perfect for hiring and talent-managing executives.

Visit the People Analytics: HR Transformation Through Data here.

3. HR Analytics Certificate by Academy to Innovate HR

People Analytics Certificate Program

HR experts have designed this certificate program to address various challenges professionals face. This certification allows you to utilize different human resource analytics tools and techniques to help organizations increase performance, reduce cost, and minimize risk.

It enables you to identify high-performing individuals in your organization, benchmark them against peers and competitors, and create a high-performing workforce. It also helps you learn how to create a dashboard using Microsoft and PowerBI.

It focuses on business analytics for better talent management. It teaches you how to apply advanced data gathering practices. You also learn to identify, develop and retain your top talent and increase productivity with the help of analytics.

It offers comprehensive guidance for utilizing data-driven practices and building a data-driven HR culture within your organization to improve business value. You also learn to integrate data sources, understand organizational behavior, and analyze qualitative information to make strategic decisions.

This program consists of 65 video lessons that help you grab the concepts of HR analytics. It also offers quizzes and assignments that keep you engaged. The duration of this certification program is one year. The main modules included in this course are:

  • HR Analytics Leader
  • Statistics in HR
  • HR Data Analyst
  • Capstone Project

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in this Certificate?

AIHR offers three plans for HR professionals. If you want to enroll in a single certification program, you have to pay $975. If you’re going to get full access to several AIHR certificates, you can get them for $1,320. This plan also keeps you updated with the key areas of HR work. The third plan is the team plan. You need to pay $2,600 for this plan.

Who Should Take the HR Analytics Certificate?

Experts have designed this HR certificate to provide professionals with a foundation in business analytics for better talent management. This certification is perfect for people who want to become adept in HR analytics, data analytics, and data visualization.

Visit the HR Analytics Certificate here.

4. People Analytics by Joshbersin Academy

People Analytics Joshbersin Academy

This course is one of the best HR analytics certifications that offers a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques you need to excel in an HR career. It is designed by Josh Bersin, a well-known name in this field.

This course enables you to learn how data analysis helps cope with the challenges faced by organizations. It also teaches you how to build a data-driven HR department within your organization. You learn how to use the tools and techniques of machine learning for guidance, coaching & tuning, and workforce planning purposes.

It offers actionable insight by providing better data that enables you to make the right decisions. It allows you to ask the right questions to solve any issue. It provides you with real-world projects, case studies, and a practical framework. This model helps you to become a better problem solver and decision-maker.

With this program, you can learn to use various HR analytics tools and techniques. It consists of 5 field manuals that offer numerous contents and social exercises. Following are the field manuals included in this course:

  • The Analytics Revolution
  • Creative Questions
  • Meaningful Data
  • Insightful Analysis
  • Persuasive Communication

What is the Enrollment Fee for People Analytics by Joshbersin Academy?

This program also offers multiple fee plans. If your team has less than 50 HR practitioners, you should go with the Professional membership plan that costs $280 annually per person. The Teams plan is for groups with more than 50 people, and it costs $350 annually per person. Organizations that have large teams of HR professionals can use the Enterprise plan. They can contact the certificate providers to get the pricing.

Who Should Take People Analytics by Joshbersin Academy?

This certificate is one of the best HR analytics certificates designed by industry experts for all professional levels. Apart from HR practitioners, this certification is also suitable for consultants and analysts who want to learn how to use data analytics in their field.

Visit the People Analytics by Joshbersin Academy here.

5. Applied Business Analytics by Management Executive Education

Applied Business Analytics

Applied Business Analytics is a fantastic certification designed to train HR managers. It can train them to implement the latest data analytics tools to better understand HR performance. It enables you to learn how to measure company performance by using advanced data analysis methods. You can use quality data that helps in making accurate decisions for better business results.

If you are struggling with applying algorithms for making informed decisions for your business, this program can help them. It teaches you to leverage data to better lead your team and boost the performance of your workforce. It also offers case studies that enable you to apply descriptive analytics tools, as well as a predictive analytics tool and prescriptive analytics tool to make the right decisions. 

This program is the right choice for HR managers looking to get ahead in their careers because it enables them to build workflows, recognize interdependencies, and employ human resources data for better problem-solving. It helps you to manage the workplace by utilizing the HR analytics knowledge base. You can learn the following topics in this course:

  • Making Predictions Using Data
  • Tools and Frameworks to Build Predictive Models
  • Understanding Machine Learning and its Business Applications
  • Managerial Decision-Making with Business Analytics
  • Using Analytics to Serve Customers Better

What is the Enrollment Fee for Applied Business Analytics by Management Executive Education?

The fee for this certificate program is $2,650 per person. With this fee, you can earn the certification within six weeks.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Applied Business Analytics

This program is designed for managers and business leaders interested in learning about turning data into a competitive advantage. This program is also perfect for executives, analysts, and consultants.

Visit Applied Business Analytics here.

6. People Analytics by Google

People Analytics by Rework Google

This People Analytics program offers the most popular HR analytics certificate. It enables you to gain expertise in using data analytics tools and techniques for making effective decisions for your company. It is an online program that allows you to acquire the required skills at your own pace.

It gives you an insight into how to improve the HR function in your organization by using people analytics. You can also help you learn various analytical techniques, including reporting, HR metrics, applied predictive analytics, and experimental research. Analytics techniques offer valuable insights to solve workforce problems and make better decisions.

Additionally, you will learn to improve your organization’s overall performance by understanding the interactions between people and organizations. You can get access to the latest research studies on people analytics. It is an open course developed by Google that allows anyone to learn various analytical skills for free.

Using this course, you can learn relevant skills such as understanding and mentoring people analytically to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge. It also offers a solid foundation to design, making HR metrics actionable and preparing for the leadership role.

What is the Enrollment Fee for People Analytics by Google?

People analytics does not require any fee for enrollment. This certificate program is free of cost.

Who Should Take Google’s Analytics Program?

Anyone who wants to master the art of people analytically can take this course. It is perfect for an individual who has a background in human resource business and has no previous experience in learning any HR analytics program.

Visit People Analytics by Google here.

7. HR Analytics Certification Program by Cornell University

Essentials of HR Analytics Cornell Course

This certification is the best HR analytics certification program for those who want to gain knowledge of applied business analytics. It provides you with practical, hands-on experience in using tools used by managers and business leaders.

It is an online course that helps you develop in-demand skills in people analytics. It enables you to learn the best practices and strategies for people analytics. It also enables you to visualize human resources data to increase the effectiveness of the HR function. It can help HR professionals become key decision-makers.

This certificate helps you learn the application of big data. It will allow you to understand human resources challenges, like hiring, performance management, workforce planning, evaluating workforce diversity, and more. It teaches you to implement a cost-based approach to understanding how business and ROI affect HR initiatives.

You will also learn how to choose analytics tools to help your work and implement them to solve organizational challenges. An HR professional can develop assignments or presentations to visualize organizational data and support better decision-making with this course.

How Much is the Enrollment Fee for the HR Analytics Certification Program by Cornell University?

The enrollment fee for this certification is $950 per month. The total cost for this program is $3,600.

Who Should Take the HR Analytics Certification Program by Cornell University?

This program is perfect for professionals interested in learning the use of data science to solve practical business problems. This program is ideal for HR associate managers, directors, analysts, CHROs, and VPS.

Visit HR Analytics Certification Program by Cornell University here.

8. Programming With R by Pluralsight

Programming with R

It is another excellent certificate program that can add value to your credential. With this program, you can use the R programming language to manage and transform data. It also helps you visualize your data with advanced graphics. 

This certification is designed for the R community. It is perfect for those who want to learn about data science and programming with R. This program teaches you how to develop projects that are helpful in business environments like banking, healthcare, education, communications, etc.

This course helps you create programs by understanding functions and getting started on input and output. It also enables you to get started with graphics and documenting functions in detail. You can learn the following topics with this program:

  • Getting Started with R
  • Exploring Vectors and Factors
  • Using Matrices, Arrays, and Lists
  • Working with Data Frames
  • Managing Control Statements
  • Building Your First Function

How Much is The Enrollment Fee for Programming With R?

This certificate is free of charge. With this program, you don’t need to pay anything to learn various skill sets.

Who Should Take Programming With R?

This course is perfect for professionals who want to learn data analytics. Professionals at all levels can enroll in it and enjoy the various benefits.

Visit Programming With R here.


Here are answers to some of your most asked queries on the best HR analyst certifications:

What are the Benefits of HR Analyst Certification Online?

Human resource analyst certification can bring numerous advantages to your career path. Following are some of the key benefits that this type of certificate offer:

Adds Value to Your Credential

Certifications can add value to your resume, making you a more attractive job candidate. They also demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and career development. Almost every human resource analyst has similar kind of qualifications and expertise. To become prominent in front of key stakeholders, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. HR analytics certifications can help you achieve this goal.

Enhances Your Expertise

HR analytics courses can help you learn new techniques, tools, and technologies related that are in high demand within the industry. They also allow you to improve your existing skillset by connecting with experienced professionals in their fields. It can help you expand your professional network and develop impressive expertise.

Prepares You for the Expected Growth

Analytics plays a vital role in today’s workplace, which requires skilled professionals who can interpret data into information that plays a pivotal part in driving the organization forward. With analytics at the forefront of almost every company’s plan, competition for top HR talent is intense. HR analyst certificate can provide you with a particular set of skills. HR managers are looking to advance their businesses and make the most out of the available workforce.

Expands Your Network

Certifications can increase your professional network by connecting you with other HR professionals who share the same interests and goals. They also keep you up-to-date with industry-related activities and events. You can contact experts who can offer tips, advice, support, and references that are invaluable in your career.

Offers a Better Understanding of the Workforce

Certificates can make you a more strategic partner and help you understand how the workforce can drive an organization’s success. They allow you to challenge your existing way of thinking and explore different perspectives in HR management.

Boosts Earning Potential

Getting certified can not only provide you with advanced skills that are in demand but also boost your earning potential. HR professionals with better skills and training tend to earn higher salaries than those without it.

Becomes More Marketable

Today, competition is tough, and only the best make the cut. Hiring managers are looking for professionals who bring new skills and expertise to the team. HR analyst certification can make you a more valuable candidate as it lets hiring teams see how you stand out from the crowd.

What is HR Analytics Certification?

An HR analytics certification is a program for learning the latest techniques and tools for collecting and analyzing data. It also teaches you how to apply these skills in real-life business situations. The best HR analyst certifications help you gather and use human resources metrics like workforce diversity, turnover rates, and talent management. It also allows you to learn data analytics software and acquire leadership and business skills. It enhances your data-driven decision-making capabilities and empowers you to improve business efficiency.

These certificates also help HR teams to gather and apply data to solve organizational challenges. They also help you in understanding how business operations affect HR initiatives. They allow you to implement effective workforce management strategies and make the right business decisions. With such programs, you can also get talent acquisition, workforce planning, and workforce diversity data. They enable you to improve employee performance, increase retention rates, and reduce turnover by knowing the right metrics to look for.

How do I Become an HR Data Analyst?

To become an HR Data Analyst, you need to gain knowledge of human resources analytics. A Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree in human resources, organizational psychology, business administration, or a related major is required. You should have at least three years of experience in HR analytics or data mining.

You can learn modern techniques and tools for gathering and applying data. You can also learn to use data analytics software and acquire leadership and business skills. You need to focus on technical skills, data sets, and business acumen.

Is HR Analytics in Demand?

Yes, HR analytics is in demand because of the growing role of data science in business. You can use it to solve practical business problems by using data. It offers several benefits, like predicting which candidate can succeed and mitigating turnover. It also saves time and cost by reducing the number of bad hires. HR analytics helps you develop a data-driven mindset and better decision-making abilities. It helps companies improve business efficiency and achieve strategic objectives.

How Can I Start a Career in HR Analytics?

To start a career in HR analytics, you should gain knowledge of human resources and business data. You need to complete your bachelor’s or master’s in the human resource field. You also need experience in human resources. Getting a certificate for a reputable online human resource analytics program would help you gain an edge over other applicants. You can enroll in an online program or attend training at a campus-based school.

HR analytics is a growing field. You can join professional associations like SHRM or data and analytics communities on LinkedIn. You should network with HR data scientists and learn about data-driven insights on their projects. You may also consider becoming a freelancer and gaining experience in this field.