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Best Discrimination Training Programs 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the leading discrimination training programs in 2024?

Discrimination can be a difficult and painful experience, whether in the workplace or elsewhere. As such, we must create spaces for people to learn about discrimination and how to avoid it.

Whether a business owner or an employee looking for the best discrimination training programs, this post is for you! We’ll review some of the top programs available today so that you can get educated on these issues before they arise.

Best Discrimination Training Programs 2024

Here’s a list of our most recommended training certifications.

1. HR Diversity and Inclusion Training Certification by HR University

Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR University

Duration: 20 hours

Price: $299

HR University is one of the world’s largest online platforms for HR professionals. It offers different types of HR-related training programs. One of its most in-demand certification courses is HR Diversity and Inclusion Certification.

The course improves the learner’s receptive language skills. It helps them better understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace with instructor feedback on assignments. The program uses different aspects such as language development, receptive labels, paired relationships, and stimulus delta to get results.

Even though it is not a beginner program, it teaches fundamentals of diversity and inclusion, getting the joint attention of new employees and professionals.

The course content consists of short videos, lectures, case studies, quizzes, and interviews with experts. For better understanding, the curriculum has three sessions.

Another specific purpose of the program is to teach the students how to deal with tough questions and conversations. Knowing how to handle such issues can improve company culture and remove negative sentiments within the workplace.

Click here to find out more about the program.

2. Cornell Diversity & Inclusion Certificate ProgramDiversity and Inclusion Cornell Certification

Duration: 2 weeks

Price: $3,600

There are many forms of discrimination. That is why Cornell University offers different discrimination programs, out of which the Diversity and Inclusion training program is the most famous. Having an inclusive environment is a huge priority for most companies, and this program teaches everything from what discrimination is to how you can become more diverse.

You must understand how discrimination feels and what causes it in a business environment. This program is a great way to get educated on these topics and help make your company more diverse. The course helps you understand the difference between inclusion and diversity.

This course will teach you about the prejudices and stereotypes that affect behavior in different workgroups. You will learn how to enhance psychological safety and reduce prejudice in your work environment.

The course is for two weeks and provides you with 100% online content. You can complete the course by putting in just three to five hours of effort every week. Lisa Nishii, an associate professor at Cornell ILR School, is the course author. After the completion of the course, you get a certificate.

You can learn more about Cornell’s course here.

3. UNB Autism Intervention Training Program

autism intervention

Duration: 18 weeks

Price: Request a Quote

The UNB Autism Intervention Training Program is an online course that provides you with a certificate. The training focuses on the skills and techniques for autism intervention. It starts with teaching strategies to help children develop social, communication, language, cognitive, or academic skills.

There are also some tools, such as play therapy, which providers can use in their work settings. You will learn about interventions, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), etc. This program covers accommodations at home, school, or workplace, communicating your needs effectively, understanding sensory sensitivities, and many other things related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The online program has an 18-week content material with 120 hours of theory lectures. You will need to attend Zoom sessions for 12 days, where autism experts will work closely with you. The online program is suitable for social workers, healthcare providers, teaching professionals, occupational therapists, management workers, and other mental healthcare professionals.

The course has four sections: Knowledge of Autism (ABA), Evidence-Based Practices, Functional Skills (ADL+), and Understanding Behaviors. Apart from the theory section, it also has a core practical section. You can avail of this course in both English and French.

You can view the training program here.

4. HRDirect Anti-Harassment Training Program – How to promote appropriate behavior

HRDirect Anti-Harassment Training Program - How to promote appropriate behavior

Duration: Self-paced

Price: $109.99

It is a short course of two hours. The program covers the principles and strategies for establishing an anti-harassment policy, identifying types of harassment, creating procedures to prevent harassment in your workplace, and taking legal action if needed.

HRDirect also offers other human resource courses: Conflict Resolution Training Program (four hours), Harassment Prevention Training Program (three hours), as well as Employment Law Review Course (one hour). Besides these training programs, HR Direct offers time management seminars, Coaching Services, and Employee Benefits Programs, among others.

It offers options for both Spanish speakers/participants and English speakers/participants. The course is available either in a live classroom setting (classroom hours) or as an online course for you to view at your convenience. The class size is limited, with up to 12 participants per session. It’s also possible that each participant has their computer and headset while participating remotely.

This training program provides the best programs for 2024. It showcases teaching principles on how employees can identify types of harassment such as sexual harassment and learn about procedures to prevent this type of harassment from happening in any organization. This includes an introduction to legal action taken against perpetrators if needed by the victim or employer.

During these sessions, employees will learn conflict resolution skills; it will teach them various strategies to handle conflicts without resorting to violence or aggression.

You can view the training program and materials here.

5. Relias Academy Verbal Behavior Program

Relias Academy Verbal Behavior Program

Duration: Self-paced

Price: $129.00

The verbal behavior program from Relias Academy is an online discrimination and behavior training program that will introduce the different types of verbal behavior used by an adult and a child. This may help employees recognize people with autism, one type of discrimination that employees could be susceptible to in their job.

It discusses difficult situations for a person with autism. Employees also learn which behavior is inappropriate when dealing with others with disabilities; examples include waving at someone while shouting, “look over here!”

Employees will learn various strategies to deal with these situations legally and professionally without resorting to violence or aggression. This module goes through instances where individuals on the spectrum might become frustrated due to an inability.

You can learn the verbal behavior program at your own pace after purchasing. There are PDF attachments for the course, which you will find for different courses. The course is very interactive, so you’ll be able to do it on your own and learn from it.

Some modules might not have videos or PDFs, but they still offer an interactive experience for the learner. There are quizzes included with a feedback section for these courses where learners can get help if needed.

The discrimination training programs will cover topics such as workplace discrimination, harassment, neglect of caregiving needs, and other issues related to people with ASD to provide employees and co-workers tools for understanding individuals’ abilities; recognizing potential difficult situations before they escalate; responding when managing events involving someone who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD); how best to deal with instances of aggression by those having ASD.

You can learn more about the verbal behavior program here.

6. Media Partners Anti-Harassment Training Programs

Media Partners Anti-Harassment Training Programs

Duration: Self-paced

Price: $1,400

Media Partners offers discrimination training programs for all levels of employees, from supervisors to entry-level staff. The company’s courses cover topics such as recognizing potential difficult situations before they escalate, responding appropriately when managing events involving someone who has ASD, and the best ways to deal with instances of aggression by those having ASD.

The Media Partners anti-harassment course is in the form of an interactive experience for the learner. There are quizzes included with a feedback section for these courses where learners can get help if needed. This training is for workplaces where employees are in contact with those on the autism spectrum.

The course uses discriminative stimulus control and generalization to teach employees. The course consists of a wide variety of topics. Employees will be able to overcome unconscious bias through this course and will be able to stand up to people who harass others.

You can learn more about Media Partner’s anti-harassment training programs here.

7. Sexual Harassment Training Certificate Program

Sexual Harassment Training Certificate Program

Duration: Self-paced

Price: $29.99 offers sexual harassment program to employees. This company is located in Austin, Texas, and is an affordable course offered to individuals and organizations. Users will also get the provision to appear for an exam along with the course.

The course helps people understand the different legal provisions provided through sexual harassment training. Four hours of class time and a one-hour exam with this program are available on the website.

The content will be available 24 hours, and you can study whenever possible. If unsatisfied with the course, the site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can learn more about this sexual harassment training course here.

8. Teaching Essential Discrimination Skills to Children with Autism

Teaching Essential Discrimination Skills to Children with Autism

Duration: Self-paced

Price: $32.50

The course teaches participants behavioral interventions for adults and children suffering from autism spectrum disorders. You will learn about stimulus control, teaching procedures, and more.

This course includes augmentative and alternative communication, evidence-based treatment, challenging behaviors, naturalistic teaching, and discrete trials.

It is a free online course in English. It is a ten-week course that you can learn on your own time. However, this course has certain time limits in terms of availability.

Participants of these programs will learn the skills and be able to apply them in their lives through various activities such as role-playing and social media safety discussions to engage participants more fully in learning about workplace discrimination laws.

As we all know, any form of discrimination – whether at work or elsewhere – has significant negative consequences for its targets and society.

If interested in this course, you must register with the website for future updates. You can read reviews about people who have taken the course before taking it yourself.

You can learn more about this course here.


1. What is Discrimination Training?

Discrimination may include workplace discrimination, harassment, or discrimination against people with an autism spectrum disorder. Programs offering ABA therapy, stimulus control, S-Delta, and others are required.

Training for discriminating employees in any organization can be challenging to prepare their mindsets on what they should do when these situations arise. It will also help them know how to handle such moments and teach them about legalities and consequences that come into play from both employers’ sides and employees’ sides.

2. How Do You Teach Discrimination Training?

Discrimination training can be taught in many ways – depending on the customer’s needs.

You may want to find out what type of discrimination they are teaching and then provide a seminar or workshop that includes discussions, videos, presentations, and interactive exercises with other employees from different parts of an organization (such as HR).

You will also need to discuss how current laws about discrimination work, so you must have someone knowledgeable in this area at these sessions.

3. What is the Difference Between Discrimination Training and Anti-Bias Training?

Discrimination training is primarily about teaching employees what to do when discrimination happens. It will also go over how to report it, if necessary.

Anti-bias training focuses on awareness of stereotypes and their effect on people and giving skills for employees’ personal development to reduce bias or prejudice.

4. What is the Goal of Discrimination Training?

Discrimination training aims to provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to have a level playing field in their workplace. It also focuses on stimulus control and reinforcing responses in the case of antecedent stimulus.

5. What Is Stimulus Discrimination Training?

Stimulus discrimination training is the process of teaching those with autism to respond differently depending on their surroundings. It also focuses on how people should react to certain stimuli or situations.

Here, the training focuses on the individual; behavior rather than the situation assessment.

6. Why Should Discrimination Training Be Taught?

Discrimination training teaches employees to respond appropriately and prevents discrimination in the workplace. This is a necessary part of any organization.

Discrimination can happen in many places and for different reasons. Still, the most common is when someone has a disability or illness that may make them more likely to experience discrimination at work.

It can be difficult for people on the autism spectrum to learn appropriate behaviors without some training. Hence, stimulus control learning programs like ABA therapy are great because they teach children what they should do in certain situations depending on their surroundings.

7. What Are The Different Types Of Discrimination Training?

Educational training: The most common type of discrimination training is a company teaching employees how to respond appropriately and prevent discrimination in the workplace. This includes teaching procedures like what to do with an employee who discloses they have autism, for instance.

Nonverbal communication: This type of discrimination prevention program teaches people skills that can help them identify when others are feeling discriminated against or harassed to intervene before it escalates into something more serious.

Employee relations: These programs teach managers how to manage various types of staff while preventing discrimination by using good practices such as active listening and being aware of micro-aggressions towards other employees.